Friday, August 13, 2004

Robots can't throw, nor can women ;-) 

Found this website with some pretty impressive movies of humanoid robots moving in a very natural way. Surprisingly low cost too. But check out the movie where the robot throws overhand. The thing clearly throws like a woman. I have alway wondered why women can't throw. It seems that women just don't practice enough at girl age. According to this post it is not physiological, and that with training they can learn to throw "like a man". No offense meant but it is really remarkable how few women can throw well and how much better little boys are at it than little girls. I readily believe it is not a physiological distinction between man an woman that explains the difference but throwing also requires an extreme form of muscle coordination by the small brain. During the throw there is simply no time for feedback control of your arm, so your brain must send a train of coordinated pulses to your muscles. I can imagine why throwing skills are more important for men than for women evolutionary speaking. Anyway, it might be fun to see if robots are "fysically" challenged or that there programming is just not subtle enough.

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